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  • Office Pranks Gag Bag
  • Office Pranks Gag Bag
  • Office Pranks Gag Bag
Office Pranks Gag Bag


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Office Pranks Gag Bag

  • Brand: Goofbag
  • Product Code: GB-OPGB1
  • Availability: 65
  • Viewed by: 1652

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Office Pranks Gag Bag

This is the ultimate pack of pranks that can be used in the office to initiate a little humor.

Each gag bag is unique, and contains a different mix of 5 items.  (*be advised - if you order more than 1, some of the same items may be found in each package).

Some of the items include (actual items will vary):

  • Smell Items (fart spray, vomet smell, etc.)
  • Funny Office Signs
  • Funny Office Stationary (while you were gone pads, sticky notes, and much more)
  • Prank Items that Shock your victim (pens, staplers, etc.)
  • Nasty Candy - (Looks like candy - tastes really bad!)
  • Funny Alert Buttons (they actually talk!)
  • Bullet Through Glass Prank
  • Fake Animal Poo

**ALSO INCLUDES a Goofbag 'Ive Been Pranked' Tee

Don't miss out on a great bag of pranks that will allow you to pull multiple pranks all in one day or over a period of time.

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